What is Kinesiology?



Kinesiology is a holistic therapy, based on gentle muscle testing.

Believe it or not, our body remembers any information that has an impact on us. Any sounds, smells, touches, tastes.

But these memories are not only held in our brain, these are locked somewhere in our body. These memories could be  stored traumas , stress, we can call them emotions. These stored emotions can be the root of our problems.

If we do not release them, we will carry them in the rest of our life and will contribute  serious problems as pains, illnesses, food sensitivities etc .

Kinesiology allows us to find these trapped memories with a gentle touch on the muscles. This technique can bring balance in our life and in our whole being, physically, emotionally, chemically and energetically. Let your body speak to you and heal itself!



What to expect during the session?



On the first session we will discuss the whole story of your life, your lifestyle and what you are expecting from your session.

Allow extra time at your first Kinesiology visit to discuss all the things that you struggle with.

Then I will activate the muscle by a light pressure to identify imbalances while you lie face up on the massage table (you are fully clothed and please wear comfortable clothing).

During the balance there are many techniques (for example meridian tracing, light touch on acupressure points, stress release techniques, talking therapy, chakra and aura fields clearing or stimulation of neuro-vascular and lymphatic points etc. ) used to help the body to heal itself.

The work sometimes needs to be continued between sessions, you can be sent home with homework for example, to adjust your diet and supplements, perform a specific meditation or exercise.